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Retro Style – Modern Classics

The Atlantis Motor Company was formed in 1980 to offer well engineered retro style motor cars

These cars would not be exact copies of original vehicles but would be carefully and sympathetically designed with attention to proportion and detail that would echo the style of the period.

The chief engineer and stylist, Michael Booth, has had experience with original cars of these periods having owned, restored and driven many types over a period of many years. This together with a design and engineering family background gives a large amount of expertise to draw on.

With the first Atlantis A1 fhc produced in 1982 the cars have been in use for almost forty years. The Atlantis Motor Company owns the first production car.

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Company Details

The Atlantis A1 is a French inspired retro style car of the early 1930’s. Not a copy but an original design produced from drawings and models. This including the details such as mascot and radiator badge. Produced only in limited numbers these cars have been built both in fixed head and convertible form.

A one off racing version with 454cu in Chevrolet engine was built to special order. Since first publishing the Atlantis Motor Company website many years ago, several owners of their Atlantis cars are now often in touch and are very enthusiastic about their cars. From time to time motoring journals still publish articles on these prestigious cars.

A collection of Magazine Articles can be found here.

When first announced and shown in 1983 the Atlantis A1 received huge acclaim in Press Reviews and by professional designers as well as much praise and admiration from the public wherever the cars were seen.

A large amount of interest has been seen lately in the Atlantis cars and with many manufacturers producing retro styles and even faithful copies of desirable cars from all periods there has never been a better time to think of commissioning your own Atlantis in either fixed head or drop head form. Detailing to suit personal requirements is welcomed.

Now that new cars have become so full of technology and characterless efficiency, there is a renewed interest in hand built craftsmanship where gadgets are less important than individuality and style.

All jigs, patterns, moulds and drawings are carefully preserved so production can always take place with minimum delay from the point of new orders received. This is a unique opportunity to own and be involved with one of the most exclusive, prestigious and beautiful cars ever produced.

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